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This plant search engine, The Plant'Encyclo, give you access to more than 8000 plants with descriptions, photos, characteristics, growing conditions and gardening councils for tree, shrub, perennial, annual, palm tree, bamboo, bromeliad, cycas, orchids, succulent, cactaceae and so on !

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height minimumOR maximum (adult, not pruned)and shape is, with perfume, with foliage, and with foliage,
my ground is and also and also the site is

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the site is particularly exposed with, it would be good that it is of growthit would be necessary that the ideal season of plantation is

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Note that final pages of this site are using the Google translate tool's !
Original version is a French one and its content is different than this one : also alphabetical classification, general council on gardening, on plant's family or groups, video, list of authors (25), Latin-French glossary and so on...
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